alder-hey-pharmacyThe pharmacy service at Alder Hey is responsible for preparing and dispensing all medicines prescribed for inpatients and outpatients as well as providing many other services to the hospital.

Pharmacists work closely with clinical teams on the wards, aseptic services and research teams, and also in the outpatient pharmacy where families can pick up prescriptions.

Picking up prescriptions from the outpatient pharmacy

You will find the outpatient phamacy in the atrium at Alder Hey, close to the East Prescot Road entrance and Costa coffee shop. We can only provide medicines that have been prescribed, and there are five steps to how we do this:

1. Arriving at the pharmacy

We can only begin preparing your prescription when you arrive at the outpatient pharmacy. We will ask you to confirm the patient's name and date of birth and some questions about the medicine being prescribed e.g 'has your child taken this medicine before?' and 'does your child have any allergies?' We will also ask whether your child prefers their medicine in liquid or as tablets and provide medicines in the preferred format whenever possible.

2.  We will screen the prescription to make sure it is correct

Asking the questions in step one means we can clinically screen your child's prescription to make sure it is valid and that the dose is correct for their age. This also helps us make sure the prescription will not interact with any other medicine they are taking.

3. Preparing your prescription

After the clinical screening we will begin preparing the prescription. Some medicines have to be made up especially for your child so these may take a little longer.

4. Checking the information

When the prescription has been prepared we will check again to make sure the information on the label is the same as on the prescription and then pack it into a bag ready to give to you, or to send to your child's ward.

5. Handing over your prescription

When we give you the prescription, we will ask you to confirm some of your child's details to make sure we are giving you the right medicines. We will explain each item to you, telling you how to give it to your child and how often. If we have any written information about your medicine we will also give you that. Please feel free to ask us any questions before you leave.

Pharmacy opening hours and contact number

  • Outpatient Dispensary – 0151 282 4494
    • Opening hours 8.45am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Specials Team – 0151 282 4878
  • Homecare - 0151 293 3560

Oncology / Haemotology Pharmacy Service

Please find the page here.

Pharmacy inpatient service

After your child has been admitted to the hospital you will be visited by a member of the pharmacy team as soon as possible after your admission. They will:

  • Clarify your/your child’s medication history and allergies. With your permission, we may contact your GP, Community Pharmacy or other relevant healthcare provider for further information.
  • Discuss any changes to medicines that have been made.
  • Assess the medicines you have brought in with you and supply any additional medicines.
  • Check the suitability of your medicines with your other medicines and health conditions.
  • Check your/your child’s medicines regularly during your admission and be available to answer questions or provide further information on side effects, medicine interactions and how to get the best out of your medicines.

Who can I speak to for more information about my medicines?

  • A really useful resource to find out more about medicines can be found on the Medicines for Children website If you have any further questions, please ask your nurse to arrange for a consultation with your ward pharmacist.

What should I expect at discharge?

The doctor will prepare Discharge Summary which will include a list of the medicines you/your child is to take at home and a summary of what has happened during your admission. This may include relevant blood results, medication changes, follow up arrangements and actions for your GP.

If your GP is based in Liverpool they will receive an electronic copy of your discharge summary within 24 hours. If they are based outside of Liverpool, they should receive a copy of your discharge summary within one week. The Pharmacy or Nursing Team will provide you with information on how best to take and manage your medicines to ensure you get the most benefit from your treatment. You will be supplied with at least 14 days of any medicines you need, by which time your GP should be able to make the necessary arrangements for further supplies.

Information for professionals

If you would like to speak to one of the clinical pharmacy team, please phone the hospital switchboard on 0151 228 4811 and ask for:




Bleep number

Clinical Pharmacy Services Manager

Professional Pharmacist TeamManager

Andrea Gill


Andrea Leatherbarrow







Lead Pharmacist Critical Care

Nicola Reilly



Lead Pharmacist Cardiology & HDU

Naomi Warner



Lead Pharmacist Antimicrobials

Andrew Taylor



Lead Pharmacist Rheumatology

Octavio Aragon



Lead Pharmacist Gastroenterology

Helen Doble



Lead Pharmacist Respiratory

Andrew Lilley



Medication Safety Pharmacist

Medication Safety Nurse

Abi Meikle-Roche

Dave Walker



Specialist Paediatric Pharmacists (rotational)

Edwarda Barreto-White

Helen Walker

Anna Baker

Ibrahim Vhora

Emma Patterson

Amy Keith


See below

Paediatric Pharmacists (rotational)

Kelly Fleming

Ellen Smith

Rachel Rowley

Abigayle Bembridge


See below

Ward-based Pharmacy Technicians (rotational)

Danielle Hodgson

Jane Basely

Andrea Jack


See below

Lead Nephrology Pharmacist Samiah Awan 4856 029
Senior Medicine Information Pharmacists

Anita Aindow

Jennifer Norwood



See below

Clinical Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Clinical pharmacy SOPs are available on request by emailing

SOP number


CP 2

SOP for Medicines Reconciliation

CP 4

SOP for endorsing prescriptions (handwritten)

CP 6

SOP for Clinical Pharmacy on PICU

CP 9

SOP for issue of pre-packs by nurses on the MAU, Surgical Day-case Unit and Surgical Decision Unit

CP 10

SOP for use of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Drug Calculator

CP 11

SOP for development and verification of the PICU Drug Calculator

CP 12

SOP for dispensing of Surgical Day Case prescriptions in Out patient pharmacy

CP 13

SOP for Near Patient Pharmacy (NPP)

CP 14

SOP for assessment and reuse of patient’s own drugs

CP 15

SOP for home leave prescriptions

CP 16

SOP for documentation of oral morphine 10mg/5ml supplies for discharge

CP 18

Standard Operating Procedure for Supply of Oral/Enteral Antibiotics on Discharge

or from the Out-patient Pharmacy

CP 19

Standard Operating Procedure for Preparing the weekly pharmacists’ rota

CP 20

SOP for PICU pharmacy service at weekends

CP 21

SOP for Medicines Management on Dewi Jones Unit (Alder Park – Adolescent Mental Health Unit)

CP 22

SOP for Procedure for Programming the “Drugs and Dosing” feature for infusion pumps

CP 23

SOP for responding to drug shortages for inpatients

CP 24

SOP for Supplying of Botulinum Toxin for Surgical Day Care Unit patients


SOP for Pharmacist verification of Inpatient prescriptions on Meditech 6


SOP for Pharmacist verification of discharge prescriptions on Meditech 6


SOP for Pharmacist verification of out-patient prescriptions on Meditech 6


SOP for Reconciliation of drug history on Meditech 6


SOP for NPP teams supplying medicines

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