Partnerships & Projects

Partnerships & Projects

The Innovation Team has a number of key partnerships and projects.

Economic Growth

Project: Health Innovation Exchange

erdf_logo.pngAlder Hey Children’s Hospital is a partner in the ERDF funded Health Enterprise Hub Innovation Exchange (HeH), which works to accelerate the rate at which companies in the Liverpool city region (LCR) develop and commercialise innovative products and services. It will also enhance the long-term capacity of LCR to be a centre for excellence in developing and scaling up smart and innovative solutions that can increase economic activity, while enabling the health and social care sector to deliver services more effectively and efficiently.

Partners and funders: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, The Innovation Agency, Liverpool John Moores University, Mersey Care NHS Trust, Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, AIMES Grid Services

Digital Alder Hey

Project: Alder Hey App

Charitable funding is enabling us to create an app that will bring comfort, fun and distraction to our patients, while also providing vital information to both them and their parents and carers.

Partners and funders: Alder Hey Children's Charity, NHS England, Hartree Centre, IBM Watson, Shop Direct, Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Project: Neonatal virtual visiting

Alder Hey is creating a unique virtual monitoring system benefitting new parents and their children. Our neonatal virtual visiting programme allows parents to see their new-born babies when they can’t be with them and tackles the issue of potential parent /child bonding dysfunction. 

Partners and funders: Red Ninja Studios, 23 Foundation, Alder Hey Children's Charity

Artificial Intelligence

Project: Cognitive Hospital

A multi-year collaborative programme with the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre, supported by IBM, to create the United Kingdom’s first ‘cognitive’ hospital by harnessing ‘big data’ and the power of IBM’s Watson technology platform.

Partners and funders: STFC Hartree, IBM Watson

Sensor technologies

Project: Biosensors

A ground-breaking, non-invasive way to analyse blood samples for clinical and research purposes. Find out more about biosensors here.

Partners and funders: Med eTrax, Liverpool John Moores University

Project: Warndry

A revolutionary product to treat bedwetting (enuresis) in children. Find out more about warndry here

Partners and funders: DCD, Damibu, Liverpool John Moores University


Project: Pre-operative planning (POP)

Alder Hey is working with the Virtual Engineering Centre to pioneer a new surgical planning technique using virtual reality (VR) tools. These innovative tools, previously developed for use in the automotive sector, will assist in the preparation of complex operations, resulting in improved patient outcomes and increased efficiencies. 

Partners and funders: Virtual Engineering Centre, University of Liverpool, Alder Hey Children's Charity


Project: 3D printing 

3D modelling of individual patients’ body tissues or organs, which require complex and dangerous surgery improves both the accuracy of procedures and overall safety for patients. It allows the surgeons involved to plan in a way which has been impossible historically with two dimensional scans.

Partners and funders: 3D Lifeprints, Alder Hey Children's Charity


Project: Acorn Partnership

acorn-logo.pngWe’ve brought together key partners to enable staff with entrepreneurial aspirations to better understand the needs they identify, to co-design appropriate solutions and to develop new enterprises that enable them to pursue their ambitions.

Read more about the Acorn partnership here.

Partners and funders: Nova, Deepbridge Capital



Sony Healthcare Solutions and Alder Hey have announced a formal partnership to research and develop innovative medical care solutions. Both Sony and Alder Hey believe that there are endless possibilities for using advanced digital technologies in hospitals to significantly improve patient care and experience.


Kidzania is a 75,000 square foot child sized city based at the Westfield Centre in London, where children learn real life skills through fun and inspirational role play. It is designed for children from 4-14 years old and comes complete with buildings, airport, streets and districts – and an Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The hospital scenarios, while fun, aim to educate and empower children around health and medicine, reducing their fear about hospitals and hopefully inspiring the doctors, nurses and health workers of the future.

Read more about Kidzania here

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