Our Governors

Our Governors

Alder Hey has an active Council of Governors representing patients, parents, carers, staff, the general public and partner organisations. The Council represents our membership and represents as far as possible, every staff group and the communities that Alder Hey serves across England and North Wales.

A total of 34 Governors are elected from the membership base. The Council of Governors is comprised of six staff governors (elected by staff), nine public governors, four patient governors, six parent and carer governors (elected by members), together with nine appointed governors from nominated organisations.

Our governors play a key role in working alongside the Board of Directors to ensure the Trust’s plans are being delivered and that the interests of all stakeholder groups have been considered.

Elections to the Council of Governors take place annually in the summer. Vacancies will appear in the news section of the website.

Governors' responsibilities

  1. Governors have a number of key responsibilities which are set by Monitor (2014) and include:
  2. Holding non-executive directors to account for performance of the board
  3. Representing the interests of members and the public
  4. Amending the constitution
  5. Approving the appointment of the Chief Executive
  6. Appointing and removing the Chair and other non-executive directors
  7. Appointing and removing the NHS foundation trust’s external auditors
  8. Receiving the NHS foundation trust’ annual accounts and annual budgets
  9. Preparing the forward plan
  10. Taking decisions on significant transactions
  11. Taking decisions on non NHS income

You can contact any of our governors by e-mailing membership@alderhey.nhs.uk

Public Governors


Kate Jackson

Lead Governor - Wider North West

Term of office: 3rd Term 2017 – 2020

Who am I? I am a mum with two daughters and four grandchildren one of whom has been a patient in Alder Hey. I worked in the Trust for 10 years on specialist projects involving parents and carers of children who had been patients of the Trust. This work, plus my personal knowledge of the services here, has given me real insights into the issues which confront patients and their parents and carers when dealing with illness.

What do I bring to this role? In addition to working at Alder Hey, I worked in other NHS organisations, at a senior level, for 25 years. I have a broad understanding of how the NHS works and a personal understanding of being the relative of a patient of the Trust. I hope this gives me the experience to represent the interests of the constituency. I serve in a way which is helpful to patients and the Trust’s aspirations for service improvement.


Paul Denny


Term of office: 2nd Term, 2017 – 2020

Who am I? I am a proud parent of a 10 year old boy. My relationship with Alder Hey dates back to my own childhood. During my teens I developed cancer on 3 different occasions it was this experience alone which guided me into a career of nursing. I started by fundraising and was able to raise over £100,000 for various cancer based charities, whilst fundraising  I obtained a job in Alder Heys Accident and Emergency Department as a Medical Support Worker. This involved assisting with various medical emergencies. In 2000 I decided to leave Alder Hey to complete my nurse training at Edge Hill University. Since qualifying as a registered nurse I have worked as a lecturer at Edge Hill University, teaching student nurses. I have also worked as a deputy manager of a busy Endoscopy unit, and as a deputy manager of a home for young people with brain acquired injuries. My current job entails me teaching staff how to look after their own health and the health of patients. Carrying out workplace risk assessments and risk assessments on patients during hospital stays and risk assessments on staff, some of whom may be returning to work from having a period of sickness.

What do I bring to this role? Alongside being a registered nurse, I am a qualified risk assessor and qualified tutor. I have a strong interest in Health & Safety, staff and patient well-being and patient experience, in particular ensuring the hospital environment is both comfortable and safe for patients. I am currently active in pursuing a role as a CQC inspector and health and safety advisor. My experience of being a patient has allowed me to identify and recognise failings of some hospitals with regards to patient experience. I believe patients should have a pleasant and safe experience whilst in hospital regardless of the reason being a hospital stay or visit to a clinic.

hilary peel

Hilary Peel


Term of office: 2016 - 2019

Who am I? I am a member of the nursing staff at Alder Hey who has forty years of experience working in the profession. This period has seen me move from being a student nurse to a qualified staff nurse, a senior sister and ward manager. Since April 2015 I have been working with the senior nursing team and supporting the move of the Hospital to our exciting new home.

What do I bring to this role? The past forty years has allowed me to both develop a wealth of experience in the care and treatment of children alongside an appreciation of the staff context too. This experience has come from working at the grass roots of the organisation, on the wards. It has enabled me to develop relationships across departments, including junior and senior management, and helped me to understand the issues that staff and our families face.

Kal Ross


Term of office:  2018 - 2021

Who am I? *Details to come*

What do I bring to this role? *Details to come*

mark peers

Mark Peers BEM


Term of office: 2nd Term 2016 – 2019

Who am I? I am a former patient of 20 years, with previous experience of many departments and services within the Trust, such as; A&E, Orthopaedics, Maxillofacial (Cleft, Lip & Palate), Nephrology, Ophthalmology and many more. Despite no longer being a patient, my relationship remains strong with Alder Hey, working alongside and together with the fantastic members of the charity and fundraising services.

What do I bring to this role? I believe that given my many years of patient experience, I can work together with patients, parents, and advise the Trust on how to maintain and progress the high standards of patient care and experience. I, along with my family, have also fundraised for many years and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

naomi grannell

Naomi Grannell


Term of office: 2nd Term 2017 – 2020

Who am I? I am a qualified Social Worker and deliver a long-term health conditions programme as part of my work with Warrington Disability Partnership. I have been a frequent and long term patient at Alder Hey, having been born with cerebral palsy.

Being able to give something back to the Hospital which has provided such outstanding care to me and my family was all the motivation I needed to become a Governor. I was delighted when I was elected as I am passionate about raising the awareness of the fantastic work the Hospital and everyone associated with it does. I am very proud indeed to represent the Cheshire constituency on the Board of Governors and to be a part of such an incredible team. I witnessed first-hand the compassion of all the medical team when the grand-daughter of a close family friend was a patient at the Hospital suffering from a terminal cancer. This left a lasting impression on me, increasing the esteem in which I already held the Hospital and staff.

What do I bring to this role? With the multiple panels and working groups I sit on in and around Warrington, I get a very good view of the issues impacting on patients and families in Cheshire. I see it as my role to make sure that these views are represented to the Board. I joined the Council of Governors in June 2014, right in the middle of the delivery of, and move to, the new Hospital. This has been a time of huge challenge to all involved, and also a time of real excitement and opportunity for the Trust.

As a Trust Governor I am responsible for holding non-executive directors to account for the performance of the Board of Directors and also approving major decisions such as large financial transactions and issues around mergers and acquisitions. If I can play just a small part in being a voice for the people of Cheshire, then I will feel a real sense of achievement and contribution to something which is so important to so many people.

dr rabia aftab

Dr Rabia Aftab

Rest of England

Term of office:  2016 - 2019

Who am I? I am a GP trainee in North Lincolnshire, trained at the University of Liverpool and graduated in 2010. During medical school and Foundation training years at University Hospital Aintree NHS Foundation trust, I have been involved with Junior Association for the study of Medical Education (JASME) as a liaison officer. I also have broad experience with medical students in various capacities as a Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutor, Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and Liverpool Objective Clinical Assessment System (LOCAS) examiner and medical admissions interviewer at the University of Liverpool. Along with being a mother of two beautiful young boys, I write educational articles for the RCGP journal, ‘InnovAit’ and am now mentoring new writers. I also lead the Yorkshire and Humber region for Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (CPRT) - a registered UK charity organisation that supports vulnerable street and slum children in Pakistan. I developed my interest into the role of a governor at Alder Hey due to strong affiliations with Liverpool as a nurturing city, Alder Hey as a training hospital and my husband’s extensive involvement as a governor in the North Lincolnshire CCG.

What do I bring to this role? Having been an employee of Alder Hey hospital and comparing this to various other trusts I have worked with, I feel I am able to contribute by suggesting positive changes needed in areas of improvement. My first-hand experience at the A&E department at Alder Hey with my son, not too long ago, enabled me to directly relate to experiences of patients and their families there. I hope to share knowledge and experiences from my own regional CCG for the global improvement of Alder Hey hospital as a trust. Due to distance, I attend quarterly Council of Governor meetings and am keen to build ‘core skills of a governor’ by attending an upcoming GovernWell course organised by NHS Providers.

simon hooker

Simon Hooker

North Wales

Term of office: 2015 – 2018

Who am I? My wife and I have two sons and two young grandchildren. I worked in automotive design and development, and before our recent move to North Wales, I was a Public Governor for Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital Foundation Trust (BTUH). Having developed epilepsy eight years ago, I understand some of the issues in managing a long-term condition. I am learning Welsh  – Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg.

What do I bring to this role? As Deputy Lead Governor for BTUH, I chaired governor engagement groups, helped develop governor training, and co-interviewed candidates for Non-Executive Director and Chair positions. As governors we were engaged in the process that brought BTUH out of special measures. I was part of a regional group that helped guide the Care Quality Commission’s development of the Fit and Proper Persons Regulation for NHS Providers.

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