The Alder Centre

The Alder Centre

"We want to create a place that will be open and welcoming for families going through the most difficult experience and provide the best environment for staff and volunteers to give the practical and emotional support they need.

Paul Monaghan, Director of Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Our Alder Centre provides bereavement support for anyone affected by the tragic loss of a child. The Centre also hosts the national Child Death Helpline in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital.

In 2019, work began on a new Alder Centre building inspired by the vision ‘a place like no other’.

This very special and much needed facility will be located on the main hospital site.

It features an eye catching roof design, therapy rooms, some flexible recreational space and a number of holistic rooms. Every room will have a view and access to communal gardens.

The new Centre will provide an open, welcoming environment for bereaved families attending appointments or who just wish to drop in for support. It will be the perfect facility to provide a whole host of therapeutic services to support bereaved families and staff.

The new Centre has been funded by Alder Hey Children’s Charity and the Trust and is expected to open in 2020.

If you wish to access our bereavement support services, you can find contact details on the Alder Centre website.

Alder Hey Children's Charity
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